Home of the Valhallabots, an FRC robotics team based in Kenmore WA


  • A [[link]] to our official Discord server. We do most of our communication outside of school here.
  • Our club email is inglemoorrobotics@gmail.com.
  • We meet in the 600's building. There should be a sign/placard on the door you need to go into. If there is no one there, go through the 602 classroom.
  • Meetings are on Mondays, if you want to meet on another day, let Mrs. Brousseau, our club advisor know.
  • We have an [[interest form]] for anyone who is interested in joining.

  • HELLO THERE! We're from Inglemoor High School, a public high school northeast of Lake Washington (the Seattle water area) that is also known for its snobby IB program and really cool students.

    Every year (that we have funding, these things are expensive), we compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition through FIRSTWA in the Pacific Northwest.
    So what does that mean?

    1. On the first Saturday in January during each year, there's a kickoff event where we learn the specific rules, requirements and strategy elements for that year's game. From there, we meet for hours and strategize, coming up with our team's general strategy for the upcoming season.
    2. For six weeks, we have an extremely time intensive build season in which we design and build the entirety of our robot, which will be made to fit the competition requirements. We meet after school every day for 1-3 hours during this period; it's quite intense. Once build season is over, we set it aside to show it off next year, then queue it for scrap (until we get a bigger room and more supplies - I want a robot hall, dangit!).
    3. On two weekends around March/April (varying each year), we compete! Competition locations are anywhere from 30-90 minute drives. Some past locations include highschools at Bonney Lake, Mount Vernon, and Glacier Peak. Both follow the same format:
      • Friday: doors open at 5 PM, and we go in to set up out "pit" (workspace). We also test our robot during this time, and have it pass a safety & functionality inspection. We try to be there from 5 PM - 8 PM, when we're kicked out.
      • Saturday: The bulk of the competition happens on this day, so it can get stress filled and action packed. Past experiences have shown that the competition generally starts with a "round robin" section of the tournament, in which each team plays with and against each other team for average-aggregated ranking points. We're there from 8 AM - 8 PM.
      • Sunday: The end of Round Robin results in an Alliance Selection event, where the top 8 seeds assemble their 3-team alliances in preparation for a single-elimination tournament. This tournament takes place, followed by an awards ceremony. We're there from 8 AM - 5 PM (Excluding the horrible occasion in which we fail so badly we don't even get chosen as a backup).

    Doing all this requires a lot of money! If you represent a local business, We'd love to do a sponsorship deal - we can promote your business in exchange for help in registration and building costs. Any amount helps!
    Also, if you or someone you know works at a large local corporation (Microsoft, Boeing, Google, Raytheon, etc), many of them have sponsorship programs through employees! Parents out there, it you want to get involved, we can get paid for it! Contact our officer email with questions or requests; thank you for your interest!